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Younger generations are incredibly reliant on technology and the internet for communication, shopping, information, and so much more. Everything is at their fingertips with the touch of a button. Many parents might feel like their kids’ “dependency” on technology and social media will hinder their relationship with their kids. However, that is simply not true.

In a new phenomenon referring to as social parenting, researchers have found that children feel closer to their parents when they interact online. In a Brigham Young University study, researchers found that even the most non-tech-savvy parents are using social media to aid in their parenting and their relationships. As noted, studies have shown that kids who are connected to their parents on social media often feel a closer connection in real life.

Modern Parenting

In a way, social media is just a reflection of our “true” lives. It is often documenting the best parts of life, that much is true, but children and teens will often rely on social media as a method of engagement. Something as simple as them posting a photo and you liking or commenting on it will be viewed as positive feedback and affection. It can make your family feel closer even when a face to face conversation might not be possible, such as for youngsters who live out of the home or are away at college.

In short, it is yet another way to give your kids a source of affection and positivity, even when you are not around. Social media, for some, is all about likes and comments, so when you engage with their posts, they feel happier and that you care.

Is Social Media dangerous?

Many parents have heard the myth that social media is inherently bad. They might avoid it – or worse, prevent their kids from using it. However, like all things, social media is great in moderation. Though society spends a lot of its time on the internet, there is still something to be said for personal interactions. Younger generations, though, are turning to social media more and more, so ignoring it is not a good course of action.

The important factor, especially for younger children, is social media guidance for kids. If you learn about sites like Facebook and Twitter, you can help your children navigate them safely. You can form a new bond through social media in a way that is healthy and productive.

Connect With Your Kids – Literally…

Social media has a bad reputation, but the fact is that kids will always find a way to use it. Social media is not inherently bad. Jump on Facebook, make a Twitter, and start engaging with your kids – you’ll be surprised by the results!