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Social Parenting

by Timothy R. Jones

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How to Get Your Children Back

from Social Media?

Thanks to this book, parenting has been made somewhat easier. I will share some important tips you can use to help you catch up with the ever-changing trends in the use of social media by kids. With the right information, you can turn social media, which has hitherto been a source of distraction and destruction to kids into a tool you can use to connect more with your kids and build a strong parent-child bond that is critical in parenting in the 21st century. 


I – “Why Parenting Has Become So Difficult”

II – “Negative Influence Of Social Media And Internet On Parenting”

III – “It Is Not All Bad News”

IV – “Does Social Media Aware Parent”

V – “To Post Or Not To”

VI – “How Social Media Can Help You Connect With Your Kids”

VII – “Safety And Privacy On Social Media Sites”

VIII – “Know The Difference Between Participation And Spying”

IX – “Social Media Limits”

X – “Setting The Right Digital Footprints For Your Kids”

XI – “Tips For Healthy Social Media Use”

XII – “Design Your Family Social Media Plans”

XIII – “Alternative Websites To Social Media Sites That You Can Encourage Your Children To Visit”


About my book

“Social Parenting: How to Get Your Children Back from Social Media

Parenting has never been as humbling as it is in modern times. Parents with teenagers at home see a number of new issues interfering with the goals of family life. Easy access to information through the internet makes keeping kids out of trouble tougher than ever. This is the center of many problems today.
The media doesn’t help, either. Much of the content aired is inappropriate and it’s getting harder to explain to our children why they can’t engage in certain adult behaviors.
Today’s parents can’t rely on advice from the older generation because technology has changed the world and it’s a different – or digital – environment in which we live today. Parents of the past didn’t worry over the number of social issues and vices that today’s parents grapple with.
In the wrong hands, social media is a distraction that can be destructive to your kids and impact on them negatively. However, with the right information, you can use social media tools to increase the bond between you and your kids. Technology isn’t going away, so you must learn how to integrate it into your family life in a positive way.
I want to thank and congratulate you for purchasing this book, “Social Parenting: How to Get Your Children Back from Social Media.” I hope the insights in this book will help reestablish relationships with your children. Here I will share valuable tips you can use to catch up with the ever-changing trends in the use of social media by kids.

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Very valuable for those with adolescents in your lives, definitely worth the time to better understand the adolescent mind and the thinking of today society, Great Read !

Jesse Williams

One of the best I’ve read on how to approach this stage of Social Parenting.

Grace Hill

This book is a must read for every parent, biological, foster, adopt, grand, everyone. Times are changing. so should the way we parent our children.

Maggie Smith

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How will social media help Kids connect with their family more?
Kids can post picture and family members may show support by liking it or making a nice comment or, could update their status with positive feedback and affection.

How to balance online and offline time?
By reducing the amount of time your kids spend online, they will have more time to channel to activities that are more productive.

How to be cautious when surfing online?
You should give the online safety talk to your children the same way you give any other environment.